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6 Best Camera Apps for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Ever see those shot on iPhone hoardings? You know, the ones that are demonstrating some lovely scene from around the globe that searches amazingly excellent for being shot on a phone? There are a couple ways that photographers get these photographs to look so great, and

Leagoo V1

Leagoo V1 Comes with Good Specs and Different Design

Maybe the Leagoo T1 gained the most attention of the media lately, but the company has already a new device ready for release, the Leagoo V1, a device that differentiates from most current smartphones in terms of design. Leagoo markets the device as both a

Super Mario Game for iPhone

Apple to launch Super Mario Game for iPhone

Apple recently reported that it is working with Nintendo to convey another Super Mario Game for iPhone on the App Store called Super Mario Run. As the name suggests, Super Mario Run is a runner game (think Temple Run) that gives you a chance to