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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Oukitel K10000 Review : Phone with 10000mAh battery

Oukitel K10000 Review : Phone with 10000mAh battery

If you ask anyone about the biggest and most common problem of any smartphone, most frequent and common answer would be the battery. Battery life of any smartphone is major problem for anyone, sometimes it becomes very annoying. Suppose you are playing games and are

Safari Browser Crashes – Users suffering a Lot

There have been various reports about the Apple Safari browser crashing. The report suggests that browser crashes when some users try to search through the address bar of the browser. The Safari browser crashes for iOS and OS X devices. The problem with Safari is

Cubot P12 Review : Solid Android Phone at just £75

Cubot is not a very popular brand in the market, which you have known, but its P12 smartphone is a solid budget phone that comes with a solid specification and stylish design. The Cubot P12 is an affordable Android smartphone that comes at the price