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Monthly Archives: April 2016


How to Root Xiaomi Mi5 Without PC

Got the new Xiaomi Mi5? Let’s try introducing something new to the device by rooting it. This tutorial post will How to Root Xiaomi Mi5 Without PC. This is the fast, easy, secure and step by step by tutorial on rooting the Xiaomi Mi5 without PC

Did you know: In just 72 hours, Average Android App loses 77% of its users

Ink Hunter App : Lets Try Tattoo Before Getting Inked

Virtual reality has (justifiably) been the biggest story in the tech world over the past few weeks. Oculus launched the Rift, HTC launched the Vive and gamers are finally getting the chance to see how much potential VR has. But you don’t have to spend

Samsung Gear 360 Camera

Samsung launches Gear 360 Camera today

Samsung took the covers off from its 360-degree video Gear 360 at Mobile World Congress 2016 which was held in Barcelona. The tech giants are now finally all set to release the Gear 360 on today (April 29). Samsung launches Gear 360 Camera today The