Apple to launch Super Mario Game for iPhone

Apple recently reported that it is working with Nintendo to convey another Super Mario Game for iPhone on the App Store called Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Game for iPhone
Super Mario Game for iPhone

As the name suggests, Super Mario Run is a runner game (think Temple Run) that gives you a chance to tap to hop, and tap longer to hop higher. The more you run, the more coins you collect, and after that you essentially complete the race by getting to the flag toward the end.

You can then utilize coins to tweak your Mushroom Kingdom.

It’s the same old Mario, however less difficult and you can play with one hand.

Super Mario Run will likewise accompany an offbeat fight mode so you can contend with your companions.

The game will be accessible at a one-time set cost (so far obscure), and won’t keep on costing cash the more you play. Super Mario Run will be accessible for the Christmas season this year.