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Amazon App Store

Get Amazon App Store on your Android device [Here’s How To]

So you may not know this but rather the Play Store isn’t the main significant center point where you can get applications from. Amazon has one, as well. What’s more, extraordinarily enough, Amazon makes them interest differentiators to separate it from the Play Store also.

Nexus Smartphone

How to Unroot Nexus 6P – Toolkit Method

In case you’re done messing around with your Nexus 6P or simply need to sell it, return it for guarantee or what have you, then you’ll have to unroot Nexus 6P to get it back to stock Android. Basically this procedure will re-install the stock firmware (made

Leagoo Lead 5

LEAGOO Lead 5 Specifications and Price

The Leagoo Lead 5 is the latest handset of the company which steps into the budget market. For the price you get a decent phone, and it will probably meet most people’s expection even after categorized in pocket friendly section, though it’s not one of the best

Oukitel K4000 Pro

Hammer Proof Oukitel K4000 Pro Review and Specifications

Oukitel is one of Chinese smartphone maker who sell their smartphone products via a number of Chinese resellers. This company has been making somewhat interesting devices these day, and a number more are going to release before the end of this year. We’re currently reviewing the company’s very