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NO.1 D3 Smartwatch Phone at $ 22.99 via

Nowadays, not only smartphone keep rocking the market but also smartwatches. Smartwatches are turning into an important day-to-day device for the modern tech lover peoples. There are several smart watches are available in the market, perhaps choosing the right one for you will be the only

Bluboo Xtouch 2

Pre-Order Blueboo XTouch with 3GB RAM at just $149.99

Bluboo, a China-based smartphone company has unveiled its new flagship smartphone and first Android powered smart watch, called Bluboo Xtouch and Xwatch respectively. Recently, the company visited Global Sources trade exhibition at Hong Kong, there it presented the Xtouch flagship smartphone and Xwatch smartwatch. Bluboo Xtouch smartphone

Samsung Galaxt Note 5 root

How to Get Note Edge Features on Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy Note 5 comes with a great 5.7-inch quad HD display which has turned out to be the best displays among all the smartphones. Note 5’s sibling S6 Edge Plus also comes with this great display but with added dual curved screen, which brings

OnePlus X1

OnePlus X Hands On Review with Detailed Specifications

Introduction At a press conference held couple of days back, OnePlus shown off their third phone – the OnePlus X. The OnePlus X is a significant departure from the Flagship Killer mantra that followed the past two models. This time, OnePlus focused more on delivering a compact