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amazon echo review

Amazon Echo – A Transformative Home Technology

Amazon Echo Continues to Grow and Expand as a Transformative Home Technology Amazon Echo first showed up in November 2014 as a smart speaker. It could play music and should you ask, it would report the weather, set timers and alarms. It has been a

Amazon Fire HD 8

6 Best Tablets For Under $100 (Infographic)

What you need to know when shopping for cheap tablets Ever since tablet computers first hit the market in 2010, there has been a massive evolution of the industry. Today, the tablet market has become fully diversified and there are many tablet brands. Tablets today

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Beacon Resources And The Industries They Serve

The accounting recruiters at Beacon Resources mainly serve the middle-market companies making up the Greater Los Angeles Area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Orange County, CA. They specialise in a wide range of industries to better serve those looking to start or change careers.