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WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

5 Ways to Read WhatsApp Messages without Notifying Sender

WhatsApp is presumably the most prominent and known texting service of the most recent couple of years. It doesn’t require any introduction. You, your companions, your folks, and even that pitiless relative who gives you address about your future is exploiting this free application to stay


10 Risks of Digital Devices For kids! How Parental Controls can help?

Children’s access to new technologies seems to have no brakes. Previously, the concern was limited to children who used to spend time in front television, while today there is a great anxiety of parents about kids’ contact with smartphone and tablets.  For months, the International Association of Pediatrics has


Best Smartphones To Buy With T-Mobile US Carrier

T-Mobile is the first carriers to provide phones subsidies, they started in the year of 2013 and form then after all the other major US carriers followed the phone subsidies. Now T-Mobile is the 3rd largest US carriers. Best Smartphones To Buy With T-Mobile US

Word Flow Keyboard App

Microsoft Launches Word Flow Keyboard for iOS Users

We have reading about the Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard App for quite long time but now the wait is over, the tech giant has launched the Word Flow App for the iOS users. Earlier the app was exclusive for Windows Phone users. But Android users