Best Android Camera Phone till date

DSLRs are being replaced by high end smartphone that now started getting dual camera for both normal and long distance photography. When we talk about camera on phone, there are few devices that come automatically like Galaxy S7, Google Pixel and more but there are others that even take care of your pocket as well. In this post, I have listed down few best Android camera phone till date.

Best Android Camera Phone till date

1. Google Pixel

Since the launch, Google Pixel is dominating other smartphone makers when it comes to camera, if offers a 12MP sensor and f/2.0 lens without the support OIS, but that isn’t an issue for the Pixel. However the camera looks so simple by design but suitable for all kinda photography.

Google Pixel

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2. Samsung Galaxy S7

Until Pixel was not in the market, Galaxy S7 was at top with the best camera features either on daylight or low light.  Its 12MP camera gives you tons of pixels to work with, and the supported OIS makes everything look clear whether you’re shooting video on the move or taking low-light photos.

Galaxy S7 Edge Black

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3. LG V20

Despite the device failed to impress many people but still its camera is something that make it to the list, and is because of the dual camera placement at the back side. Its main 16MP rear camera is perfect for taking crisp, well-balanced images with the support of a brighter f/1.8 lens and optical image stabilization feature.

LG V20

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4. OnePlus 3T

To get best camera on an Android device, we have to spend a hefty amount but not in this case, OnePlus 3T offers best camera keeping your wallet in mind. At a decent price of just $439, the OnePlus 3T comes up with outstanding camera features. The handset has 16MP main camera, but a bit smaller 1.12-micron pixels which is not that great for low-light photography — though the addition of a quick f/2.0 lens and OIS help in that case.

OnePlus 3T

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That’s it for now, if you think I have missed something that should have been there, do let us know in comments, if found worthy will get credit for the same.