Best News Reading Apps for Android and iOS

Now, with new trend peoples like to read news on their mobile phone. so, here we are going to discuss top news apps on iPhone. You can aggregate news on your iPhone or Android in many different ways. This article discusses six of the Best News Reading Apps available for Android and iOS.

Best News Reading Apps for Android and iOS

Publisher Apps

This type of apps is for them who wants to know news any where. While some companies have struggled to transition to the digital world, user experiences with their proprietary apps. Everyone has news publishers they trust to gather the latest news. building their reputation in the print world of newspapers and magazines.

1. New York Times:-

The Times is one of the few newspapers that has made a seamless transition into the digital realm.The New York Times is widely seen as the beacon of journalism. It has some of the most groundbreaking investigative, especially when it comes to politics, business and performing arts.It has a beautiful, minimalist design that retains the look and feel of a newspaper, updated for modern times . you have to pay some dollar to full access it but the app still offers 10 free articles.

2. Wall Street Journal:-

The Wall Street Journal is one of the journalistic institutions, but its bread and butter is covering the business world, especially the financial. the Wall Street Journal successfully made the transition from a print operation to having a strong digital presence.

Curation apps

This is a great way to get multiple perspectives on a single topic or continuously browse through a diverse selection of articles in a chosen genre.Curation apps allow you to select the types of content you’d like to receive; then, from a gamut of news organizations into a single news feed.

1. Flipboard :-

When you first open the app, including everything from news, sports, arts and business. From there, you can flip through a curation of articles based on those interests. Flipboard is an extremely popular news app with one of most beautiful app designs. When you swipe up, the page has the feel of flipping through pages.

2. Pocket :-

Pocket lets you save any and all articles you find across the digisphere and read them at a more convenient time. Also, Pocket makes recommendations of articles to read based on the type of content you save.

Social Media

A couple of social media platforms have more of news focus, combined with a seamless user experience.Social media news feeds are essentially a curation of news content and the user-generated content of those you follow.

1. Linkedln Pulse:-

The content on this app has a focus on career development, industry trends, life advice and stories of what makes people successful. This is a great app to get a spark of motivation or enlightenment.LinkedIn Pulse takes the job focus out of LinkedIn and puts the articles into one app. You can access content from influencers, business magnates, publishers and common folk with great advice.

2. Reddit:-

While there are a few bad apples, Reddit largely has insightful conversations around trending topics and breaking news from a diverse group of users. if you’re a fan of the Ask Me Anything (AMA) feature, there’s a separate app where you can continuously access the latest AMA’s on the go.Reddit’s whole platform lets you read comment chains on any topic you could ever imagine.

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