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Bing Rewards Now Available in India – How To Use It

You’ll be unable to get many people to utilize Bing rather than it’s irrefutably bigger partner, Google. Microsoft has constantly known this, and with an end goal to attempt and take some of Google’s activity, they actualized the Bing Rewards program. On the off chance that you utilize Bing, you most likely thoroughly understand this – you gather Using so as to bing reward focuses just Bing, and you can reclaim them for a huge assortment of various advantages. While this system is pleasant, and to a few individuals is one of the main genuine characterizing components of the web index, not all locales have access to it.

Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards Now Available in India – How To Use It

In an effort to increase the support for Bing Rewards to more locations, Microsoft has recently released the program out to the people living in India. In order to get benefited to Bing Rewards program, here is some steps you have to follow:

  1. Log into Bing
  2. Go into your settings
  3. Go to the “Region” tab
  4. Change your region to India
  5. Go here to sign up for the rewards program

While the prizes system is out and completely useful in India, it’s not exactly as helpful yet as it is in different areas. For at this moment, it appears like the main accessible prizes come as credit for Freecharge — an administration that individuals can use to pay for gas, versatile bills, and a couple of different things. While the backing for Bing Rewards in India won’t not be completely stellar from the beginning, it’s still great that Microsoft is growing the system’s compass, and it’s probable that we see this backing enhanced sooner rather than later.

If you are facing difficulties signing up for the Rewards program, feel free to reach us for the help by commenting below.