Here comes all new Pokémon with the recent Pokémon Go Update

Since the launch of the Pokemon Go, people are being mad to catch Pokemons. After getting next gen update, On Monday, the official Pokémon Go account shown off the exciting added feature that many new Pokémon have been added to the game to catch.

What new Pokémon are available?

Niantic are obviously being truly sharp about the arrival of Gen II. From the looks of their declaration they’re wanting to bit by bit reveal the full 100 Pokémon over “the following couple of months,” and they’ve begun with a coherent group: the babies.

Here we have listed seven Pokémon available to hatch in the game, have a look,


The baby Pikachu need 2KG Eggs to hatch and need 25 candies to grow up.


This needs 2KG Eggs to hatch.


Like Cleffa, italso needs 2K Eggs



An interesting new addition as Togepi which requires 5KG Eggs.


Elekid is the first of three baby Pokémon that needs 10K eggs to hatch.


Hatch Baby Magmar with 10KG Eggs


As of now there’s no indication of Tyrogue in it. However, if Niantic will do this rollout in stages however, we might see in the step.