The Dawn of Digital Assets: The Future of Investments

We have witnessed drastic changes in the last few years as far as technology and business are related. The procedures have changed and we have a new way to look at business. Information is the new age business and we have seen people become millionaires overnight. If you have no idea what I am talking about try reading about Tim Ferris, Tung Trang, Neil Patel or Ramit Sethi. Once you read abut them you will have a fair idea what I am talking about in today’s post.

What are Digital Assets?

 Digital Assets have emerged as a new class of investments in recent years. This class is called web properties. For a layman these web properties are nothing but established blogs, FB Fan pages, Instagram accounts or Twitter accounts. While these are the conventional ones, Phone casinos and crypto-currencies are a little unconventional and specifically tailored for high risk takers. Because of the authority that  these blogs or accounts have in their respective fields, they are the best ones to generate passive advertising income. Big companies in Insurance, Fashion, Technology or Finance are paying handsome amount to owners of these properties. So these property owners generate a lot of passive income.

How does an Asset generate returns in the world and its correlation with online world?

So lets understand first what an asset it? Assets is anything that gives us return with time. Whose value is market determined and it gives out yearly pay-outs. Consider a property that is close to the beach. Suppose you buy a beach-house for a million dollars. Now that location is soon becoming the hot spot as a tourist destination. What you do? You start renting that house to the tourists and you get $1000 per night. Consider the annual occupancy of 40%, you rent out 146 nights and there by you make $146,000 per year on a mere $1,000,000 investment. It takes 6 years to recover the initial amount. But that’s not all.

Lets look at it this way. You earn a passive income of $146,000 per year without even lifting your finger. Since the place is becoming a tourist hot spot, the real estate value rises since more and more people want to invest in a property there. So you property is now worth $1.2 million dollars. Doesn’t it sound cool?

Well that’s the beauty of investments and creating your assets. An average person would worn 80 hours a week all year long and still wont be able to make more than $60,000 per year. Whereas a smart investor makes 3 times that money without working.

I know all this sounds cool and everything but you’ll say “Come On Syd, Not everyone has that amount of money in their bank account”. This is unrealistic and not everyone can afford to own such properties.


But I have a simple solution for you

Digital assets or web properties are available online on market places like Flippa, EF and many other like them where you can buy them at a price of 15 x Monthly Profit. Thus you can purchase a decent money making web property for $20,000 or more. As these properties keep getting old their authority and value increases. Thus a  fold increase in 2 years is not surprising.

Last Sunday I was busy playing some games on my iPhone and fell asleep on the couch late afternoon. When I woke up at 6, I checked my email to discover that I had made $1068.54 from one of my Amazon Affiliate blog. Technically I just did that while sleeping.

Now that’s what I call an opportunity.

This post was just an introduction to digital assets. I have a series of posts related to such investments, so keep reading and Happy Investing.

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