Facebook sets Target to Reach 5 Billion Users by 2030

Back in year 2012, Facebook was founded, a very known social networking platform has grown across the globe that claims to have around 1.59 Billion active users per month.  Amid that time, it’s likewise made waves for everything from its goal-oriented endeavors to bring billions of detached individuals onto the Internet to its testing of “massive-scale emotional contagion” – a 2012 investigation that controlled users ‘ feelings without their knowledge.

5 Billion Users by 2030
5 Billion Users by 2030

Every year, Facebook celebrates Feb 4th as Friends Day (Facebook’s Birthday). Prior to this year, the social networking giant even uncovered a new research on how its survival has transformed the world that we are all detached from each other by just six people (i.e. “six degree separation”).  Company’s scientists announced that it is detached from any user by only 3.57 degree of separation.

Since the Facebook was first developed in 2004 as “The Facebook” a platform to help students at Harvard University to stay connected to each other. The Company’s CO-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear and set a new target to move even forward and go beyond its current 1.59 Billion users across the world.

Last year, during the F8 Developers Meet, Zuckerberg said that the main focus of the company is to connect everybody through not only Facebook but through a complete family of Facebook-Connected services, apps and tools, even through virtual reality technologies.

During an event to mark this year’s Friends Day, Zuckerberg told employees he would like to see the company have 5 billion users by 2030, according to a report today in USA Today.