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Google Play Store to Inform Which App Displays Ads

Google this week has announced that the Google Play store will now inform which app displays ads while using it. Well, ads have become the major income source in any field and particularly in smartphone applications, but it is very irritating when you are using applications and suddenly an ad pop’s up.

Google Play Store to Inform Which App Displays Ads

Google Play Store to Inform Which App Displays Ads

From now onwards a text message “Contains ads” will be visible just below the green install button while downloading a new application form Google Play store on your smartphone.

“The goal is to provide more transparency and help users make more informed decisions,” a Google spokesman said, explaining why the company made the change. The change was first spotted in a forum of Android users on Reddit.

This bad news for developers because ads are the only source of earning money for them, as apps which they develop will be for free, only the pro version of the app will be charged. But, for those who totally hate ads while using apps will be really happy and would also appreciate the change made by Google this week.

A survey from Carnegie Mellon University figured out that most of the famous Android applications at a time span of every three minutes record the user’s location and the recorded location will be shared with advertising networks.

This change from Google to inform about the ads on Play Store application doesn’t actually mean that your location will not be tracked if you don’t download the applications which contains ads because there are many ways which developers use to track users, the only way to get rid of this is to pay attention to all the permissions you grant while downloading an application. To make it easier for the users a list is also been made in the Google Play Store apps listings.