How To Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone/iPad running on iOS 8


Digital photography produces nice photos that is why people like it, but sometimes people deleted photos accidentally, even users did nothing wrong. So a common question is that am I able to recover deleted photos from Apple’s devices?. Yes, you can recover deleted photos from your iPhone or iPad running on Apple’s new iOS 8.

Here in this post, I have listed simple steps  for how to recovering your deleted photos on your iPhone/iPad, running on iOS 8.

How To Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone/iPad running iOS 8

  • Locate and select looking Photos app.
  • In your Photos app, click on the bottom right of Albums.
  • Go to the recently deleted folder name.
  • In the recently Deleted folder, you will find the photos you’re trying to save from the deletion.
  •  Press recover button on the bottom right side.
  • after press that Recover button, another confirmation will appear and press that also.