How to Root Galaxy J1 Ace SM-J110 and Install TWRP Recovery

Are you having fun with your new Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace or just wondering what else you can do with the device? the answer is quite simple, Android gives you full freedom to customize the experience and optimize the system the way you want but the only thing that comes across is getting the root privilege on it. Once are cross that, it open up a tons of other ways to have a completely customizable Android environment. Here in this post I have mentioned a working guide to root Galaxy J1 Ace SM-J110 with TWRP Recovery.  Rooting has many benefits over a normal Android device.

root Galaxy J1 Ace
root Galaxy J1 Ace

Benefits of rooting

  • With the help of root access, one can remove those apps which are pre-installed by your network provider or by manufacturer.
  • Because of rooting you can also get the free storage space, rooted apps are available for efficient memory management.
  • After rooting user can also update their phone to the latest version of Android (by flashing a custom recovery/ROM).
  • It provides customization options when you use your new administrative rights to flash a custom ROM (again, see the end of this procedure for more info on that).
  • Rooting also increases the battery life of the Smartphone because those running constantly can be removed).

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Things to Keep in Mind

1. Rooting avoids your device’s Warranty, make sure its OK for you, we are not going to liable for anything.

2. You should be ready with Windows PC with connected internet.

3. You should have Samsung USB drivers installed on your PC. Download and install.

4. In process of rooting, you also have to install TWRP recovery. So better you keep a complete data backup before going into the steps.

5. This guide is only for Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace SM-J110 variant.

Files to Download

How to Root Galaxy J1 Ace SM-J110 and Install TWRP Recovery

Once you are done with the download of appropriate file mentioned above, you are good to follow the steps to root Galaxy J1 Ace, you can find the complete guide here to follow.