How to Unroot your OnePlus X

Have you rooted your phone for getting better Android experience? Now, suppose you had enough of the new Android experience and want to change it for various reasons like you are worried about your warranty. Your OnePlus X device has some problems and wants to give it for warranty and worried that the company will refuse to do so. You don’t need to worry too many folks, as you can unroot your device and get all the benefits without any problems.

How to Unroot your OnePlus X
How to Unroot your OnePlus X

If you want to unroot your OnePlus X device, follow the given process and get your phone as the new one.
Very Important Points.

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This process will erase everything on your phone, so before you do you have to backup all the important files.

How to Unroot your OnePlus X

Firstly, you need to download some necessary files like stock ROM, which comes with ColorOS version of the Android that comes with your OnePlus X phone. You also have to download the stock recovery image, which will be used to flash the stock ROM. Download all these files from the link given below and save it on your desktop.

• Stock Recovery

• Stock ROM

How to Install ADB Drivers on Your PC

• Download ABD Drivers for your OnePlus and install the drivers by executing exe file.

How to Stock the Recovery

1. Go to the Settings Menu > browse to About Phone and click on it 7 to 8 times until it shows you are a developer.

2. Again to Settings> Developer options and turn USB Debugging On.

3. Connect your phone to PC through the USB.

4. Open Command Prompt on your computer and type

adb push recovery.img /sdcard/recovery.img

adb push /sdcard/

5. adb reboot bootloader

6. once device reboots in the bootloader mode, type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and hit enter.

7. Wait for a while until it flashes the stock recovery on your phone, then Type “fastboot reboot” and hit enter.

How To Flash the Stock ROM

• Turn your phone Off.

• Turn your device on by pressing Volume Down and Power button; keep holding these buttons until you see the Android logo with open stomach on your display.

• Click on Power few times to get the Menu on the screen.

• Use the volume buttons to navigate and power button to select, now select the Update and Wait till it flashes.

• Once the done, this will reboot your phone. Go through the common processor for setting up your Home Screen. You just have to relock the bootloader to ensure that you get your device as completely new.

How to Relock the Bootloader

1. Switch your phone off.

2. Turn your device on by pressing Volume Down and Power button; keep holding these buttons until it boots into the bootloader mode.

3. Plug your device into the computer via USB.

4. Type “fastboot oem lock” in the command prompt and hit enter.

5. This will relock your bootloader and then type “fastboot reboot” to reboot your OnePlus X.

That’s It, Folks.