How to Watch 3D Videos on VR Headsets

The old times when you and your cousins used to sit and watch a motion picture on an extra large screen in a theater are presently gone. Presently has come the season of huge and chic OLED TVs from the greatest OEMs on the planet. Be that as it may, the cell phone still hasn’t lost its ability yet. Virtual Reality and a phone are the best things that has ever happened to innovation in the later past. VR Headsets are currently accessible for a wide range of cell phones, whether it be an Android or an iPhone. Today I’ll demonstrate How to Watch 3D Videos on VR Headsets.

Watch 3D Videos on VR Headsets
Watch 3D Videos on VR Headsets

How to Watch 3D Videos on VR Headsets

With the buildup around VR so much, you can now watch a 3D motion picture with a VR Headset on your Android or iOS gadget by simply taking after a rundown of basic steps. Following are the requirements you need to fulfill before your start!

Things to be Done

  1. An Android or iOS device able of showcasing itself in a VR Headset, make sure it has a Gyroscope sensor built in.
  2. A 3D movie, so you need to buy or download a 3D movie.
  3. You also need a VR Headset for your device. You can get the cheapest Google Cardboard, or even build one for yourself for under $5.
  4. Lastly, but most importantly, you need an application which is capable of doing the job for you. We have talked about two different applications for Android and iOS down below.

How to Watch 3D Videos on VR Headsets

For Android:

If you have an Android smartphone, then AAA VR Cinema is the best application to change over a 3D one-piece film into two separate parts. It likewise has an instinctive design, with a huge amount of elements which you’ll never ever use. However, if that you as of now have an slit 3D film, then simply utilize an application, for example, VLC Media Player or MX Player.

For iOS:

You can utilize an application called Homido Player for iOS gadgets, as it is the best and most effortless to use in class. Simply utilize the App Store to download it on your iPhone. The most imperative step is to include a 3D film. Everything you need is iTunes, and afterward associate your iOS gadget and transfer it utilizing the My Apps area from iTunes. Presently, simply dispatch the application, select the 3D film, and off you go into the 3D world!

Voila! You can now totally see a 3D movie on an Android or Ios device without the need to worry again! Do let us know if you have any queries regarding our guide.