How to Jailbreak and install Cydia on iOS 8.1.2 [TaiG Method]

Apple recently has released the latest iOS update to the version 8.1.2 to resolve ringtone issues on iPhone and iPads while soon after the launch of the update, developers have launched an easiest method to acquire administrator privileges on iPhone or iPad running the latest iOS 8.1.2. If you have updated your device to the latest Apple iOS and looking to jailbreak and install Cydia to get uninterrupted wide range of third party apps on your device. Follow the simple steps to achieve what you are looking for.

For now the step is only available for Windows PC but in coming days might they might update the tool to work on Mac or other platforms as well.

If you are running on the windows then simply follow the step by step procedure give below, suppose you using Mac then with the help of the virtual machine run windows on you OS X and then start jailbreak. Windows machine must have the iTunes installed before it will recognize your iOS device. Let us follow the step by step process to jailbreak iOS 8.1.2.

How to Jailbreak and install Cydia on iOS 8.1.2 [TaiG Method]

  1. If possible update your devices iPhone or iPad or iPod touch to iOS 8.1.2 using fresh install if not follow the next steps given below
  2. Now connect your iOS device to the Windows device and disable the pass code lock and find my phone.
  3. Start downloading the TaiG 1.2 from the download page and extract it and run it.
  4. After downloading and installing the TaiG 1.2 tool into your windows machine.
  5. The TaiG tool should automatically detect your iOS device, once its done you have to disable the 3K Assistant app install option and click on the green button to start.
  6. Now this time to wait until the jailbreak completes and close the TaiG tool when prompted.
  7. Launch cydia on your iOS device and enjoy your new jailbroken device to iOS 8.1.2 install.
  8. I’d suggest you to just reboot your device once after jailbreaking.

This time you will an app called Cydia on your app menu that signifies you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad.

If you face any difficulties or have any query regarding the process or steps can comment below anytime, we will try to solve them as well or else watch the video below for more reliability.