Micromax Marshmallow Update Plan [Expected]

Its been a long time since the official launch of Android Marshmallow by Google but still Micromax, the Indian smartphone brand seems to be very silent on its plan to release the most awaiting Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for their users and it is really painful for the users to wait anymore. Pointing more on that, we have come up with an expected list of Marshmallow update to Micromax devices, don’t forget to checkout whether your device is the list or not.

Micromax Marshmallow Update

Whether you consider the recently launched Canvas Express 2, Express 4G, Canvas 5 or any other smartphone, the company is letting down pent-up on the Marshmallow update plans as per the list we have mentioned below.

Let’s see how the Marshmallow update could span out for variety of devices.

The Official Micromax Marshmallow Update Plan

There must have been a plan on the update Micromax is working hard to attract more users but it been already quite late and there is no certain news about the firmware update.

It’s hard to say when we could be entertaining official Marshmallow update from Micromax for top flagship devices of the year 2015, but if we are to put up a date, we would say January 2016 for one device, which could be Canvas 5. Other eligible Micromax devices could follow get the 6.0 update sometime in Feb and March 2016.

While many of the users who got pissed off with this delay, they are not taking unofficial CM 13 which gives the complete Marshmallow flavor, as CM 13 is also in development phase, many users are not getting the sweet taste of it. So, I would not suggest anyone to go for this unofficial update until all the bugs and issues get resolved by the developers.

Micromax Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Release Date [Expected]

Note: The info below is estimated one, and Micromax hasn’t confirmed or denied any of the estimates mentioned below.







Canvas A1 Already on 6.0
Canvas 5 E481 Yes January 2016
Canvas Nitro 3 E352 Yes February 2016
Canvas Juice 3 Q392 Yes February 2016
Canvas Express 4G Q413 Yes March 2016
Canvas Spark 2 Q334 Maybe Q2 2016 (if it happens)
Canvas Mega E353 Maybe Q2 2016 (if it happens)
Canvas Fire 4G Q411 Maybe Q2 2016 (if it happens)
Canvas Blaze 4G Q400 Maybe Q2 2016 (if it happens)
Canvas Pace 4G Q416 Maybe Q2 2016 (if it happens)
Canvas Blaze 4G+ Q414 Maybe Q2 2016 (if it happens)
Canvas Sliver 5 Probably No
Canvas Spark Q380 Probably No
Canvas Juice 2 AQ5001 Probably No
Canvas Doodle 4 Probably No
Canvas Fire 4 A107 Probably No
Canvas Nitro 4G E455 Probably No
Canvas Unite 3 Q372 Probably No
Canvas Knight 2 E471 Probably No
Canvas Selfie Lens Q345 Probably No
Canvas Play 4G Q469 Probably No
Canvas Juice 3+ Q394 Probably No
Canvas Play Q355 Probably No
Canvas Amaze Q395 Probably No
Canvas Selfie 3 Q348 Probably No
Canvas Selfie 2 Q340 Probably No
Bolt S301 Probably No
Canvas Hue Probably No
Canvas A1 AQ4502 Probably No
Bolt Q332 Probably No
Bolt Q338 No
Canvas Xpress 2 E313 No
Canvas Nitro 2 E311 No
Canvas Express 4G Q413 No
Bolt A82 No
Bolt D321 No
Canvas Pep Q371 No
Bolt Q339 No
Bolt D320 No
Bolt Q324 No
Bolt S302 No
Bolt D303 No
Bolt S300 No

Wrapping Up

Truth be told, you’d be wasting your time waiting, or hoping, for the Marshmallow update on your device, if it’s not Canvas 5, Nitro 3, Juice 3 or Express 4G.

Yes, Canvas A1 is already running Android 6.0 (Android 6.0.1 in fact) because that Android One set, one which receives updates directly from Google.