How to Play YouTube as Audio Playback with Suamp

Suamp is a music player application for the Android smartphones, but not the usual kind. It does play local audio files stored on your device, but it is not that fancy or latest music player with tons of customization options that comes with advanced music players. As the app in listed in the Play Store, says, a music playing application, that supports YouTube audio playback.


You can minimize the application  when screen is locked, and you can do anything you do while using any other music player and the audio will keep playing. That is something users want from the official YouTube application for long, but for some reason, Google is never bothered. It did come up with YouTube Red which allows for background audio playback even if you minimize the application. However, it is a paid service. And let’s be honest, that is not a feature anyone would want to pay for if they do not need all the other YouTube Red features.

You can even link your YouTube account with the application and it will load up your playlists and such. The gear icon in the top right corner takes you to the app settings and for a rather simple audio player SUAMP does have some features like thumbnail and fading downloading if you choose so, and it lets you select the audio buffer size.  Not much else that you should tinker with unless you are sure of what you are doing.

We have tested the version 1.1.2 of Suamp and it worked as expected. No crashes or anything, even after an hour of continuous playback. However, some type of users has reported of crashes. It is indeed pretty bare-bones. It plays music from YouTube smoothly.