Playing Pokemon Go? Shock Proof LEAGOO M5 Comes to Rescue!

The whole world is crazy about Pokemon Go! This new mobile game attracts over one billion fans in a week! How to play that game? Simple! You just have to throw your cell phone to catch Pokemon and DONE!

Leagoo M5-Hero
Shock Proof LEAGOO M5

Of course I’m kidding, but it actually did happen that Pokemon Go players threw their phone to the ground and the phone was smashed to broken.

If smashing a Smartphone is the cost to addict to a game, by using Shock Proof LEAGOO M5 it won’t cost you a penny to play Pokemon Go. Why? Because it’s perhaps the most shock-proof Smartphone ever with the world’s first Nano All-metal non-breakpoint frame and bulletproof glass!

Bulletproof glass perfectly shields the delicate display, which eliminates the most vulnerable part of a Smartphone. With its protection, your phone’s screen will never be cracked, punctured or crushed. Whether it’s smashed by hammer, cracked by walnuts, or even crushed by a car, it survives and no scratch left on its face. I even use it as a hammer to pound a nail on the door! Check that video:

Besides the super strong bulletproof glass, the Nano All-metal non-breakpoint frame gives many credits to its impact resistance capability. The world’s first non-breakpoint frame is a technical breakthrough on frame design which many big company fell to achieve. By 94 times CNC cut, somehow LEAGOO M5 manages to have that shinny All-metal non-breakpoint frame, which helps each layer of the phone compact extremely closed and enhances its shock-proof ability.

I need a phone not only being shock-proof but also running smooth to play Pokemon Go.  For that, LEAGOO M5 has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, plus 128GB expansion. Running multiple tasks has been proved easy on M5.

Also 5.0” HD display with 1280*720 resolution is pleasant to look at and muti-functional fingerprint is very helpful on actual operation. Furthermore, it has 8MP rear camera and 5MP on the front, which is proved enough in daily use.  As to the system, Freeme 6.0 based on Android 6.0 runs smoothly on M5 , and the UI is a kind of eye candy.

With M5, I wouldn’t be afraid of breaking my phone by throwing it to catch a Pichachu. In fact, I wouldn’t be afraid of any physical damage happen to my phone. If there is a Shock-proof Smartphone Combat, I would love to sign myself in. Plus, M5 is in a very very adorable price for me to have it.

Wanna Catch a Pichachu ?

Let’s move!

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