Reportedly, Lenovo to rebrand Moto X with Moto Z

Rumors suggest that Lenovo is currently working on successors of Moto X smartphones with few added features, but the report suggest that the company is looking to ditch the “X” name with next flagship smartphones.

Lenovo to ditch Moto X name for Moto Z

Moto X

According to the report of VentureBeat, the two new smartphones from Moto excluding Moto G, Moto G Play and Moto G Plus will be renamed as Moto Z Style and Moto Z Play instead of Moto X. if that is not enough for you; the company is also looking to introduce Moto Z Droid Edition. The report also suggests that Droid Line smartphone of Verizon is also going to drop “Turbo” and “Maxx” name and will come with “Droid Edition” trailing the name.

The Moto Z Style (with model name Vector Thin) will best and premium phone among the two phones, whereas the Moto Z Play (with model name Vortex) will be less pricey and with few fewer features than its premium version. This means that the Lenovo is following the naming scheme of X-Line phones of last years.

The report also suggested that the modular accessories, which are expected to come as snap-on cases, are going to be branded as “MotoMods” instead of “Amp” name. The “Amp” name has been floating in the market for quite a few times. It is the pretty nice thing that the Lenovo is giving “Moto” names to few more devices other than smartphones. These devices from the company are expected to features a camera grip, a pico projector and better stereo speakers. The camera grip is expected to come with optical zoom feature, whereas pico projector will allow users to project video onto the wall.