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Facebook testing reactions in Messanger

Facebook added Reactions a year ago, which allowed users to “respond” to posts by picking one of the emoji alternatives underneath a post. The organization is presently chipping away at conveying that element to its Messenger application. As indicated by Techcrunch, who got a tip

How to Delete All Old Posts from Facebook

How to Delete All Old Posts from Facebook

Are you among them who are getting bored with Facebook for reminding the things you have done in past? I hope this post will let you get rid of that. I personally fed with the notifications I see on my timeline every morning I open

Facebook vs Twitter

Why Twitter Is Better Than Facebook

Facebook in a day to day life has become just a daily feed about a particular. Facebook is social networking platforms where you can chit-chat, spend your time, posting snaps and telling what exactly you are doing, though a lot of new informative thing have