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How to Play YouTube as Audio Playback with Suamp

Suamp is a music player application for the Android smartphones, but not the usual kind. It does play local audio files stored on your device, but it is not that fancy or latest music player with tons of customization options that comes with advanced music players. As

Use Multiple Google Accounts in Android Wear Watch

Use Multiple Google Accounts in Android Wear Watch

People with multiple accounts have some extra steps in Android Wear now these days. Where previous version of Android Wear acted as an extension of your phone. Every thing running Wear 2.0 is designed to working like it is a standalone Android device. A big

WhatsApp is Least Uninstalled Android App

How to Stop WhatsApp to Share Number with Facebook – Opt out now

WhatsApp’s new terms-of-service are creating a huge buzz among privacy concerned people. Yesterday, the company confirmed it would starting sharing user phone numbers, profile data, status message and online status with Facebook, which is parent company of the text messaging app. If you don’t want WhatsApps to Share Number