Unova Ironman 3G Smartwatch Review, Specification and Features

Unova Ironman 3G Smartwatch is yet another innovation, rather I would say improvisation in the smartwatch arena. The technology is growing so quick day by day and there is nothing which can stop it; there is no word as impossible in the dictionary of tech developers. Now this Unova Ironman 3G Smartwatch will blow your minds off when I will tell you about the specifications and features of the device. I advise you not to miss this one, go ahead and have a look.

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Unova Ironman 3G Smartwatch Review, Specification and Features

Unova Ironman 3G
Unova Ironman 3G

Design and Display

Unova Ironman 3G smartwatch is built by using stainless steel followed by a rubber strap and weighs 190gm. The look of the Smartwatch is not at all attractive as it is very bulky and heavy, and this  kind of look of the device is purposely built by the developers to give it a sporty look as it is a sports-oriented Smartwatch. The watch is waterproof; it can handle the pressure of about 100 liters per minute on it (100 kilopascal units) but this doesn’t mean you can wear it while swimming, it cannot handle when you immerse the device into the water.

unova waterproof
The display of the device comes with capacitive touch sensitive 1.54” IPS AMOLED screen. The vision of the device is comfortable as the resolution of the Smartwatch is 320 x 320pixels. If we have a look at the brightness of the device screen, it is not that impressive because, in the outdoors you may find a bit difficult to view, you will have to adjust your hands a bit for a perfect view. Otherwise, there is no issue of the vision in indoors.

Unova Ironman 3G
Unova Ironman 3G


The device runs on 1.3GHz Media Tek Dual-core processor and 1GB RAM synced with an ARM Mali 400 MP, with this combination of the processor of the device makes the device so powerful it won’t lag at all, it will run very quick and fast while performing any task on it. The performance of the device is just outstanding no doubt about that. And this device comes with 8GB internal storage, store whatever you want to store in the device. The device runs on Android 4.4 Operating system.

Apart from all these things the Unova Ironman Smartwatch has a camera feature on it, which is the reason why this Smartwatch is bulky and heavy. The 5MP camera of the device lets you take some good quality snaps.
The battery of the device is 600mAh which is more than enough in a smartwatch, on standby mode it can last up to 3days and on a daily basis usage like; calling, taking snaps and browsing the battery life of the device will last up to more than a day.


The device supports Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth v4.0 and 3G. The device comes with Micro-USB port which you can use to transfer data and the same port to charge the Smartwatch. You can use a Micro SIM-Card to get connected with the network.

unova 3 colours

What’s new in it?

As you guys might have already figured it out, this smartwatch is no less than a Smartphone. Well, I will call it as a wrist Smartphone as it is capable of doing all the things which a Smartphone does. The calling facility of the smartwatch is just amazing and clear on the speakers. Apart from just calling you can also listen to music, you can take snaps, and you can even text using this stunning smartwatch. And you can also use the Google playstore app on the smartwatch. The smartwatch also comes with all preloaded basic app which we get in the smartphones like; music player, video player, alarm, clock, FM, calendar, Facebook, and Email etc.

Unova Ironman 3G Specifications

specs unova

Isn’t this device amazing, I mean what more we can expect from a smartwatch? This device is just out of the world. The price of the device is $ 195.79 and is available in three colors. The era of technology has taken a new turn in the current market and off course, it is not the end rather it is just the beginning towards a newer site. Its feature and performance might have surely impressed you and enhanced you to try it out. So, guys, it’s your turn now, rate the device and comment below your opinion about this device.