Unroot Oppo R7 Lite and Get Stock Recovery

Previously, I have posted about the rooting guide for the Oppo R7 Lite, if you also have rooted your device with the same guide, and now wanted to unroot Oppo R7 Lite and get the Stock Recovery back into the device. There are few obvious reason why people generally want to get back to the Factory settings after rooting is the performance issues, retain warranty or to get official Android update. if you also having any of the listed reason to unroot it, just scroll down and follow the steps to get it unrooted again.

How to unRoot Oppo R7 Lite
How to unRoot Oppo R7 Lite

As rooting is very easy for this device, one can unroot it also very easily, it just requires couple of apps to install. In fact, the process gives you an option whether you want just to unroot or reinstall the Stock Recovery on it.

Once you’ve done the below procedure, you’ll no longer have root access and a custom recovery on your device. You’ll be back to stock recovery and unrooted state. Here’s how to Unroot Oppo R7 Lite and Get Stock ROM.

Note: In order to unroot the device, you must have rooted the device using this method. Also, it doesn’t flash Stock ROM on it, instead it removes the root access and flashes the Stock Recovery on Oppo R7 Lite.

How to Unroot Oppo R7 Lite

Files to Download

Flashing Stock Recovery Oppo R7 Lite

1. Rename the recovery image to recovery.img.

2. Connect your device to your PC using a USB cable.

3. Transfer recovery.img from your PC over to the device’s SD card, then disconnect it from the PC.

4. Open the Google Play store and download Flashify on your device.

5. Launch Flashify from the app drawer

6. Tap on Recovery image under the Flash section in the app.

7. Choose recovery.img that you copied in the previous steps to be flashed on your device.

9. When Flashify’s done flashing recovery, reboot your device.

IV. Unrooting the Oppo R7 Lite

1. Plug in your device to your PC using a USB cable.

2. Copy Oppo Tools APK from your PC over to the device’s SD card, now disconnect it from your PC.

3. Open File Manager and tap on Oppo Tools APK to install the app

4. When the app’s installed, open it from your app drawer.

5. Tap on the Common tab in the app.

6. Tap on the Unroot button

7. When it’s done unrooting, reboot your device.

Your Oppo R7 Lite should now be unrooted.